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What is an eCommerce Developer?

E-commerce website development is the process of creating the technical features of your online store, such as how it works, takes payments, reacts to user input, and looks.

The web development services sector makes it possible for entrepreneurs to create user-friendly websites and address their most urgent e-commerce problems, such as:

Selecting the right features and functionality for your online store incorporating e-commerce into an existing website selecting the appropriate functionality and features for your e-commerce project. Recognizing the potential finest e-commerce foundation for you incorporating e-commerce into an already-existing website or framework.

This article will explain what e-commerce web development is, how to locate a developer or development team to assist you in realizing your goals, and what needs to be done prior to launch. Now let’s get started.

Choices for Developing an Online Store

There are three alternatives that you’ll probably encounter when developing an e-commerce store:

Create a website from the ground up using open source.

Tailor a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.

Make use of MACH architecture’s power.

Construct it from the ground up.

If you have an existing IT or web development staff, then using open-source software can be your best option. With open-source e-commerce systems, you have complete control over the code, allowing you to create a website from the ground up with minimal to no restrictions on customization.

But bear in mind that when you use an open-source solution, your company will frequently be in charge of things like web hosting, security vulnerabilities, PCI compliance, and manual patching and upgrades.

For this reason, as your company expands and complexity rises, some companies may consider open source to be too complex, costly, and labor-intensive.

Tailor a SaaS Offering.

Lack the funds or coding knowledge to create a solution from the ground up?

Bring on SaaS e-commerce.

SaaS is a type of subscription-based software that can be hosted in the “cloud” and is developed and maintained by an outside source. SaaS enables you to simply rent the platform, with the platform provider handling all of the other associated costs of managing your own software, like hosting, PCI compliance, security, and product updates, in place of having to construct and develop a custom solution yourself. SaaS solutions let companies go to market swiftly and economically because of this.

Open-source and SaaS platform advantages are combined in certain e-commerce applications, sometimes known as “open SaaS.”

For mid-market and enterprise firms, Big Commerce is one of the top open SaaS ecommerce platforms. Our open API gives merchants the flexibility to develop custom integrations and functionality more quickly, much like an open-source platform, while still providing them with all the advantages of a SaaS platform, such as being hosted on BigCommerce’s behalf, a lower total cost of ownership, and a faster time to market.

How Do I Pick the Best Developer for an E-Commerce Website?

Next, we’ll examine the duties of an e-commerce developer and explain why it’s critical that their expertise match your requirements for e-commerce web design.

73% of American customers agree that a brand’s customer experience is crucial when making an online purchase, yet only 49% think that companies offer a positive experience, according to PWC study.

Hiring an ecommerce web development team with experience in designing and/or building for ecommerce is the greatest method to guarantee that users on your site have an improved experience from them.

If you’re lucky (or your platform has a robust partner program like Big Commerce’s), you can locate e-commerce website building services that are up to date on the newest e-commerce best practices and can create a website that will impress your visitors and increase your conversion rate.

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